Tony - Chief Photographer, Owner, Creative

Tony started in photography in 1975. Back then, real photographers had their own darkrooms and most of them rolled their own film... he did both. Life has changed a lot since then, and Tony has kept up with all of it. As a wedding specialist, portrait artist, and photographic educator, Tony has spent most of his career both learning and teaching the art and science of photography.

"I don't believe there is one right way to do anything in photography. Creativity comes from deep inside, and not from a book, a box, or a software program. The camera makes no difference; the artist does."

Diana - Wildlife Photographer, Owner, Digital Specialist

Diana comes from a long line of photographers, and is a self-taught expert in Photoshop and many other photo management interfaces. As an accomplished photographer as well, Diana often offers a wonderful insight into what looks good and stays looking good, without going too far into the latest trend.

Husband and Wife

Our philosophy is that trends will come and go, but you will never replace traditional imagery as the reason why professional artists endure through the years. While we will always be able to offer the best in modern and tradtional photography, we also know that you want what you want... and we're here to make sure you get that.

Our downtown state-of-the-art facility boasts several wonderful features. They include:

  • A wildlife & nature gallery area/waiting room.
  • Multipurpose projection/ordering room.
  • A full-size dressing room.
  • Digital photo area, complete with Tony's exclusive designer lighting installation.

And despite having all this, we are happy to also go on-location and will even suggest a few nice spots for some awesome photoshoot opportunities.