what clothes do I wear to a session?

What's in your closet? Let's try to give you a little guidance here:

  • For family sessions, try to coordinate colors and styles a bit. You can try combining shirt colors and pant colors... for example, everyone wears white shirts and blue jeans. Or you can stay within a color scheme, such as everyone wears pastels, or earth tones. Click here for a blog article with more ideas.
  • For babies & infants, we suggest 2-3 outfits minimum. We will match colors, themes and props based one what you put onto your child. This also applies to toddlers and children up to about the age of five. Our best suggestion is to mix it up... something cutesy (maybe a grandma gift?), something wild and crazy and something that can be used to create a new theme.
  • For seniors, we can only suggest that you bring as much as you would need, and then some. Bring a contrast of colors and dark/light clothing. But also bring accessories such as belts, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, hats, sunglasses and shoes. Check our Seniors Page for more information.

Never be wary of bringing "too much." We would much prefer that you bring more than you will need, because it gives us more choices and ensures you will have what you need to look your best.

Is there room to change at the studio?

Yes, there sure is. In fact, in our camera room area, there is a private (lockable) dressing room. The camera room is outfitted with a large wall mirror and large standing mirror so you can see how you'll look before you get in front of the camera.

Overhead lights, clothing racks and table, and a comfy chair round out the basic features. The room is equipped with facial tissues and basic essentials (including bobby pins and cotton swabs).

The dressing room is just off the main camera room, within steps of each photography area. This proves more essential when you are having a very private session and want to contain your modesty for the camera.

The camera area restroom has a toilet and sink, and we provide hand soap and paper towels and well as other paper products. The bathroom also has a wall mirror for your dressing and changing convenience.

where are you?

Right here, of course. :)

Sarcasm aside.

We are in downtown Shepherdstown, located on East German Street, right next to Shepherd University's McMurran Hall, and directly across from Betty's Restaurant.

Our physical address is 107 E. German St.. We usually have a sandwich board on the sidewalk in front of the two-story building. The building is grey with red trim, right next to the stone wall in town.

To get a detailed map of our location, click here. You can also request directions on the Google Map or on your GPS.

You can call us at 304-263-3100 with questions or additional directions.

what are the hours?

The studio hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. & Sunday, 10am-2pm

We try to be accommodating, of course. If you can't get here by 5pm, we'll be happy to work with you to arrange a time that works for everyone concerned.

We can work out dates & times to work with you outside of normal studio hours, but we do try to also have a life (believe it or not), so don't be too surprised if we have to work around our time in order to find a time to fit you in.

We normally do not schedule portrait sessions on Wednesday mornings. We also try not to schedule client appointments on Friday during the busy season because we need a day to get caught up on production, paperwork and anything else we've been neglecting. The rest of the days are first come, first serve, though. :)

You can always schedule a portrait session online at your convenience by going to our Booking Page. Very convenient to book anytime, even when we aren't open!