why TLC Photography?

Why wouldn't you?

Oh, there are plenty of choices for you. Several studios, and a bunch of people with a Facebook page and a camera. But there's nothing like TLC anywhere else. What makes us different? Just look:

  • Eclectic style. We don't pick one style and use it over and over. While high-intensity lighting, blown out faces, high contrast imagery, and deep color saturation is fun, it isn't something you want for every image. You want REAL... you want smart... and you want a lot of all of it. We offer a variety of styles, a multitude of looks, and a more complete view of YOU, not what someone else thinks you should be. In the last year, we have photographed people in paint, on fire (don't worry, she was never in any danger), in water, in the wind, rain and slipping across a great river. And we are going to make this year even better!
  • Our photography is based upon 30 years of experience, education and renewal. Over that time, Tony & Diana have discovered the best of the best ways to make you happy, give you all the best of what there is to offer, and guide you through every step. And they are constantly coming up with new ways to give you more!
  • We have a state-of-the-art studio with 1600 square feet of building that was designed from the heart and soul of a photographer who is constantly creating new and innovative methods of making you look your best.
  • Our amazing on-location portraiture, which gives you access to virtually any type of on-site portraiture, is second to none. We have private access to local farms, historic properties, exclusive locations, water features, and much more! Let us design a session that features you and all the best things about you.

And there's so much more, including our wonderful customer service, the fun times we have, and all those pictures!


what's the price?

Let's start with session fees.


Bold? Daring? We just don't need them. They are complicated, rely too much on you knowing in advance what you want, and just bog down the process. Let's just take pictures, have fun, and get on with it!

All that's necessary is a $50 non-refundable order deposit, which will be entirely applied to your order of $250 or more. This means you do NOT pay a session fee. You just pay for the pictures. If you select one of our "add-on" services, those are not applied to your order as they are use to cover the cost of the service itself.

We will do any mix of things you like, or just let us take charge. Studio (traditional portraits), Yearbook (we provide the tux or drape for each local school), Cap & Gown (we have all the colors), Friends (your best bud or your favorite pet), Stuff (your music, athletic gear, whatever), and On-Location (done with style, flair and drama!)

If you have us take your yearbook photo, we will gladly submit it to the high school for you at no additional charge. If you want us to ONLY take your yearbook photo for submission to the yearbook, there is a $45 session & admin charge.

Package Prices

We have packages that start at $299, and no minimum orders. We offer a wide range of print products, including collages, wallet books, and much more. You may also purchase the image files to use any way you wish. Please visit us for one of the Senior Consultations to see everything we have to offer.

do you barter?

Yes, we do.

There's always something that needs done at the studio (or elsewhere) that we're happy to exchange our services to obtain. In the past we have used bartering to get a house painted, our beach set completely rebuilt, and much more.

Here's a list of our current needs for those who are interested in bartering:

  • Cleaning & minor repairs
  • Please ask about others.
  • Location handyman work (deck, roofing, etc.)

We generally exchange your services for our products & services. For example, with landscaping, we don't expect you to purchase mulch for us, just spread it and groom it.

can i just see some pictures?

Of course you can.

There's an entire gallery! You can either click on 'pix' and then 'seniors' or click RIGHT HERE and we'll take you there. No extra charge, by the way. ;o)

Before you go, remember that the galleries are dynamic... which means their content changes all the time... more new people, more new pictures. Okay, a few old people, too. But you get the idea - come back to see more.

how can i learn even more?

Come visit us! We'd love it!

Once the season is in full swing, we encourage all seniors to come to one of our exclusive senior consultations. Here's what goes on:

  • We will give you a folder with a booklet which has all your getting ready tips in it, along with a copy of our FYI guide, which goes through everything we do, all of our pricing and a bunch of other stuff.
  • We will go through our complete process, from showing you to the dressing room, to setting up your next appointment (to see the pictures!!!)
  • We will show you around our camera room, describe the sets, backgrounds and lighting. We'll also discuss any questions you may have about the kinds of things that you want to do while you're here.

Tony conducts the entire consultation, so you will be learning from the same person who will also be taking your pictures. He's a little bit off the hook sometimes, but we think you'll find the consultation to be highly informative and very useful in planning your senior portraits.

Senior consultations are held as a small group, and parents are encouraged to attend. We are limited to six seniors and their parents per consultation, and small children may be distracting to our other guests during the 45-50 minute consultation.

Please call 304-263-3100 or email us at seniors@tlcphotography.com to schedule your senior consultation. It is free, and you are under no obligation to buy anything. We just love seeing people.

can i book online?

Yep! And it could not be easier!

Here's how:

  • Click the booking link here.
  • Select the package and add-ons you want.
  • Select your date and time.
  • Pay for your session deposit(s).
  • You'll get emails detailing everything that happens after that.

Yep, it's that easy. And booking online can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But hey, we're happy to hear from you by phone, on our Facebook Page, or by [email!](mailto: seniors@tlcphotography.com)

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 304-263-3100. Once you're done, we'll contact you by email to finalize everything.

See? Is that convenient or what!?