what is PhotoCore?


In the last several years, many new photographers have begun their hobby career by taking pictures and applying Photoshop practices to them. While many of those images are composed well, or even capture a happy moment or a great smile, they are missing many elements which could make it a fantastic image... core photographic basics.

PhotoCore was borne out of a need. Many of those new photographers whose hobby is rapidly becoming "more serious" suffer from not having a core understanding of lighting, posing, composition and even extended understanding of their camera.

PhotoCore is an educational opportunity to learn from the ground up, with an end result of more than "good pictures," to "great images." The underlying objective of PhotoCore is to again raise the standard of photography from "a few good pictures" to "awe-inspiring imagery."

You need PhotoCore. You need more than what you're doing now.

what's your experience?

To start with, over 30 years.

Tony started in photography informally in photography in 1973 when he built a pinhole camera from an old Quaker Oats box and some tin foil. More formally, Tony worked on his high school's yearbook staff in 1975 and 1976. In 1982, Tony did his first wedding, and in 1984 opened his own part-time photography business.

Since then, he has always had an intense desire to learn. And not just about photography, but also about business, people, and so much more. As a result, and as an accumulation of his years as a photographer, Tony has wanted to teach the art & science that is associated with imagery.

In 2001, Tony was hired by Shepherd University to teach third and fourth year photography students in Studio Lighting. This helped launch Tony's educational career and began creating a more prepared breed of photographer. Because along with the purely technical aspects of studio photography, Tony created his own brand of smart tips that have helped so many hundreds of people better understand that all tasks are met with a bit more than just the creative science aspects.

Now as a teacher in his own workshops, Tony often shares the stage with other photographers who have something to offer to young photographers. Even those who aren't so young can certainly learn from Tony's very inspiring coverage of the most typical of subjects.

At present, Tony also teaches in Mentoring sessions and in workshops at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. While he still runs a very busy studio (along with his wife and partner, Diana), Tony carefully manages his time to include aspects from his own business into his workshops, providing more of a practical approach to education.

The bottom line is that you will be thoroughly educated on whatever topic Tony is teaching. Or he'll explain it all again.

when are the workshops?

Current workshops are posted on the link below

As well as the workshops, Tony takes on one-on-one mentoring and training sessions, catering specifically to your needs and desires. Ask about anything which you want to make yourself better in, and Tony will probably be able to help.

If you are interested in something specific, or if you have a group that would like to hire Tony for a class or workshop, please contact us at the studio at 304-263-3100.

A schedule of all upcoming classes is here.

how do i sign up?

The best and easiest way to sign up is to click on 'when are the workshops?' to the left. You may also call us at 304-263-3100 (toll-free: 888-349-3686) and ask about the workshop in which you are interested. You can then also ask about specific questions you may have.

It's also important that you consider lodging (for multi-day or all day workshops), travel and meals. There are several hotels within 2-3 miles of the studio, a number of eateries (including national chains and local shops), and plenty of gas stations and convenience stores.

When booking with us, please remember that all of our workshops are unsponsored. We do this for two very important reasons. The first is that sponsored workshops start to become a kind of infomercial for the sponsor. And as much as we have no problem discussing the various brands and services we use in our studio, we don't want to spend a whole lot of time talking about them. The other reason why our workshops are unsponsored is that we truly believe that there is no one brand of any kind of equipment or service that is good for everyone. There are literally so many equipment makers for photographers, that you really can't go wrong if you consider that each one is just an addition to your ever-growing arsenal.

do you have interns or apprentices?

We accept both, but we do not solicit for them.

Internships are available to current students who want to include the "real world" experience of a working studio as part of their regular (or semi-regular) work load. All internships are unpaid, although we will reimburse actual expenses. The objective of an internship is to give you a chance to see what happens in a studio environment (or on-location), and in exchange you can do basic chores (cleaning, assisting, etc.)

Apprenticeships are done on a limited basis and involve a little more work. These are also unpaid, and are only available to aspiring photographers and students who intend to become full-time photographers. More often than not, we hire from apprentices than from general sector applicants.

In either case, we do not actively ask for participation in either program. But we do ask for complete attention to the needs of either program in which you decide to become involved.