Before getting started, it's important that you read ALL of this information. You need to know everything, not just looking at the pretty pictures.

The Features Gallery

This gallery is intented to be used on smart phones, iPads and other tablet-based devices. It will be updated regularly. Right now, it contains 18 images... two of each of our models. Here's how to access it:

  • Download "My Proofs" from the Google Play Store or App Store. This is only available for Android and Apple devices, so if you have a Windows-based or Blackberry device, I'm not sure you'll be able to see/use this.
  • After it's downloaded and installed, start the program. In the box that says "Your Photographer", enter 'tlcphoto' (no quotes, just the text) and tap the Enter button.
  • If you were successful, a picture will appear on the main screen, a small menu-looking icon will be in the bottom left, and a circular arrow will appear in the upper right. Some devices MIGHT show these things in different areas... they do virtually the same thing. The picture(s) shown can be scrolled left or right, but not enlarged or shared. They are the wallpaper of the app, and will also change once in awhile. The circular arrow in the upper right will allow you to refresh the view. I'll let you know when there are updates.
  • Click the menu icon (bottom left on most devices).
  • Click 'Gallery'.
  • Enter 2014seniors in the Gallery Name field, and click the View button. You should see the pictures as they appear in your screen.

Navigation and other Info

  • You can scroll left and right in the pictures by flicking as you would in a picture gallery.
  • To zoom the picture, tap it twice. Double tap again to zoom once more. Double tap a third time to zoom out.
  • To view the buttons for a picture, tap the picture once.
  • To go back to the thumbnail/gallery mode, press the <--Back button.
  • To share an image, click the picture (in full view), then use the Share button at the bottom. At present, you can share on Facebook or via email.

IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT share all the pictures at once (read below before sharing).

  • When you tap a picture, there's also a button at the top for Favorites. You can use that to flag favorite images (maybe just yours?)
  • Finally, the Home button will take you out of the gallery entirely and back to the main screen (the first picture you saw after you entered 'tlcphoto'.


We think it's a good idea to share one picture every 2-3 days, along with some kind of text about current specials, how to contact us, and making sure they mention your name.

If you share on Facebook, add a mention of our Facebook page, since it has additional senior pictures. A direct link to our website (not our Facebook page) is You can use that, as well. The objective is to drive as many people to our site and our FB page as possible. This gets buzz going. They will remember you, and we are always sure to ask them.

Check Back Here!

If there's more information to share, it will be here if it is too much to put into a text message. But from April 28 and forward, we are ramping up the texting and sharing campaign. Get prepared in your head to do two things in the near future: Attend a training session when we have your books ready, and attend a senior consultion with a friend (someone you want to send to us for their pictures) in the next month or so.

Now... go get the app and open the gallery. And be sure to tell us what you think. We have egos, too! :)